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bertus bertus
1100 W 30 L
Super stille compressor! Doet wat hij moet doen! 8 Bar maximale druk De bijgeleverde koppelingen zijn voor mijn slangen te klein, maar dat is voor iedereen weer persoonlijk.
James Rotherham James Rotherham
So far so good
Does a good job very quiet powerful shame there is no more I would buy another one definitely
nico mathijsen nico mathijsen
550 W 9 L
Vevor Luchtcompressor Portable Storage Olievrije 9l/2 Gallon 550w Thuisreparatie
Jeroen Hoogland Jeroen Hoogland
550 W 9 L
Super quiet and lightweight
Only mishap was a piece of coolingfin broken off by the grabhandle which doesn't affect working order. Super quiet compressor and not to heavy for ease of handling.
FX53 FX53
So Quiet!
A great little compressor that would have got 5 stars if the max pressure of 8 Bar, as advertised, was attainable. The maximum I can get from it is just under 7 Bar, about 95 psi. That being said, it is extremely quiet, very portable, and just about man enough to do what I need it to do.
Jon D Jon D
550 W 9 L
Precision 9L Silent Quiet Dental Medical Clinic Oil Free Air Compressor 550W
Initially I wanted a small air brush compressor which are about £75. I then thought it might be better with a small air tank, these are about £95. It was at this point I came across Vevor Tools and they were doing a 9L Silent compressor for £96. I then had a good look round their extensive tool website and came across the slightly more expensive 9L model at £106. From what I can gather the difference is in the way the machines cycle on and off, with the more expensive model having an electrical based solenoid system as opposed to a mechanical spring loaded air valve. It is not as quiet as claimed but it is very quiet compared to the old school type compressors. I have been using it with both an 18G and 23G pin nailers and it works great. Two things that are not all that great are the power cable is way too short and the pressure relief valve sticks open if you manually activate it and needs to be stripped down and rebuilt before it will seal again. Overall I would say that it is a very capable and competent little machine – Recommended with a score of 8 out of 10
Gabriel Bibart Bulzan Gabriel Bibart Bulzan
750 W 100 L
Good product
Working well recharge with air very fast for me it is a fine product some of the parts need to be tightened more but that’s from transport vibration
Jerryfix Jerryfix
550 W 9 L
Compressor- great service
Briliant! fast delivery and as described. Well done! I would buy again and can honestly recommend. Thank you
PhilG PhilG
750 W 25 L
Silent air compressor
My first time with one of these compressors, much more silent/quiet than expected. Comes packed for transport you only need to fix the wheels and rubber pads in place, plugin and turn on.
Mary Hughes Mary Hughes
550 W 9 L
OK but far from perfect
Let's start with the positive. This thing is actually quiet. I'm always sceptical when I read "ultra-quiet" and "silent", particularly in relation to air compressors. This isn't silent, but it's quiet enough to use indoors without issue. It also performs nicely. Obviously it's only 750w, so it's not going to drive large air tools, but it's perfect for blowing, painting and inflating and that's what quiet compressors are really for. It holds pressure as expected too.The mains cable is short (about 1 metre) and it ships with a Euro-style plug. It did come with a 3-pin UK adapter in the box, so you can still power it. However, the adapter is not earthed, which made me uncomfortable. It's easy enough to replace the power cable with a proper UK style earthed one though. 4 screws and you're done.Like most (all) cheap compressors, it comes with these odd non-standard quick connects. They're not compatible with either the UK or EU standards. All the fittings are 1/4" BSP, so in theory it's easy enough to replace the connector with one of your choosing. However, the one on mine had been overtightened and threadlocked, so it was impossible to remove the connector without wrecking the pressure regulator. I wanted to replace the regulator with a filtered one anyway, so it wasn't an issue for me. I'd suggest using a filter on these cheap compressors anyway, because they all seem to ship with manufacturing debris inside the tank, and this one was no exception. It was so bad that the emergency pressure relief valve blocked when I tested it and wouldn't seal again until I cleaned it out!Yes that's quite a few negatives, but they're all minor and I'd still recommend the unit. Just be aware that it needs some work from the user before it's properly usable.

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