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Jaimy Ritter Jaimy Ritter
good product and fast shipping
good product looks good when shipped some damage was incurred but everything was solved super fast by the helpdesk will definitely order more from this site in the future
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
The supplier Vcry was very professional in helping me with my order
The product I ordered - a laser cutter machine - was defective. The issue was not the fault of the supplier, but of the manufacturer. Never-the-less Vcry responded quickly and professionally to my concerns. Top marks Bravo!
Jamie Jamie
Cheap and chearful laser cutter/engraver
Have used for almost a year and no hiccups.Arived extreamlt well packaged and worked practically out the box (apart from conecting water pump/reservoir and exhaust). *shall mention onlt deionised water in the reservoir to prevent damaging the laser tube*Id advise researching b4 buying as there are a few minor problems present in all these lasers, however they are easy to remidy. Mainly,Earth/ground- most important, screwd onto painted metal, just unscrew sand and replace to get good contact.Wires in extractor fan- not properly insulated, also qick fix.Exhast flue- waste of time, got a cheapy 6m for _3 localy.Cutting bed- Made my own but can buy hight adjustable ones too.AndSoftware- never bothered with it. Use inkscape to draw up svg's and prosesed them with k40 wisperer all free open source software.I also got a cheap airbrush compressor to act as air assist and printed a nozzle, this prevents fires and damage to the sensative laser lense.I knew what I was getting and so far continueing to enjoy using it.

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